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 The Truth about Kaman.

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PostSubject: The Truth about Kaman.    Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:56 am

“Good morning son, welcome back to the time chamber. Today you will be fighting me. Only this time, you will wear this.” Kaman held out his hand, he was holding the bandana he gave to him in the gravity chamber the day before. “You will wear it over your eyes. When we fight today I want you to only use your Ki sense to find me and fight. You won’t always have the luxury of seeing your opponent.”

“Sounds good to me.” Ryder took a second to feel his father’s power level before putting the bandana over his eyes. “I am ready.”

“We have already started.” Ryder heard Kaman whisper in his ear, meaning he was right next to him. So Ryder threw an elbow to where his father’s voice was coming from. However he hit only air. He took a second to concentrate, taking a couple deep breaths. “Here.” Ryder took another swing. He knew Kaman was extremely fast, but he didn’t know how he was going to hit him without seeing him. Once again Ryder took a couple of deep breaths. Finally he felt it, the power level he had felt in the beginning was starting to be easier to follow. Finally he jumped in to the air, but not a second to soon, Kaman had thrown a kick right where Ryder’s head was. “You’re starting to get it son. Now you just have to hit me.” Ryder charged towards the power level he felt ready to hit Kaman, but the power level vanished right before he got there. Ryder thought it was hard enough to deal with the afterimage technique when he could see, without his sight it would be next to impossible.

“I have to concentrate.” Ryder once again took a deep breath. “KAMEHAMEHA!” He launched the wave in the direction his father’s signature as coming from. His plan had worked, Ryder could feel Kaman move out of the way. It was time to strike. With all his might Ryder took off with as much speed as possible. Finally he made contact. Ryder hit Kaman in the gut with his foot throwing him back. He immediately followed him and threw another kick followed by more punches landing each one. Suddenly he felt his foot stop. Kaman was holding his ankle in the air.

“Now we fight.” Kaman threw Ryder into the air, which Ryder countered by stopping in mid and hovering. Then Ryder felt a huge impact in his gut sending him through the air which was abruptly stopped by what felt like an elbow. “It’s one thing to be able to hit me when I am not attacking, but you need to be able to defend yourself as well. No one is going to let you look for them. They are going to hit back.” Ryder regained his composure. He must remember to concentrate, not let his aggression take over. Once again he took a deep breath. Then something went through him telling him to block left. He threw his arm up stopping a kick from hitting his head. Block up, the feeling shot through his body stopping a downward hammer fist from clobbering him. Move. “Galic Gun!” Ryder flew straight up getting out of the way of his father’s blast. “Good son. Take the blindfold off.” Ryder removed the blindfold seeing how close his father was to him after he shot the blast. “Did you feel the energy as your eyes?”

“Yes I did. Tell me father, why are we here on Earth? Why don’t we live on New Vegeta like most Saiyans?” Kaman was surprised at the question. His usual close minded son really wanted to ask a serious question. Kaman could not refuse.

“Well to be honest with you Ryder, I don’t know. I know why we don’t live on New Vegeta, but I don’t know why I picked Earth. You see I was in a huge fight when I was on New Vegeta and the king of the Saiyans banished me from the planet. Since then I have lived here creating new warriors to protect the planet I now call home. The weird thing is that Altair fellow from the fight seemed all too familiar. Enough about this you have made wonderful progress. Everything I tell you is a lesson son, so you should always be learning something from me. One day you will be allowed to return to New Vegeta, but first you must be strong enough to fight if you have to. Weak Saiyans usually don’t make it to long there.

“Thank you father, I am going to go find Altair and talk to him. Maybe we can form a better training program other than me fighting you. You are getting old you know.”

“Yet you will never beat me.” They both laughed as they walked to the door of the chamber. Ryder just realized, this is the first time in years he had shared a laugh with his father. Maybe he was finally proud of him.

Word count: 838

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PostSubject: Re: The Truth about Kaman.    Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:04 pm

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The Truth about Kaman.
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