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 The breakthrough.

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PostSubject: The breakthrough.    Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:38 pm

Kaman opened a giant door and motioned Ryder in, and promptly closed the door behind them. “This, Son, is the hyperbolic Time Chamber. In here any time that passes here will only be moments in our world.” Ryder stood there with his mouth open amazed at how little was in the chamber. Before Ryder could turn and ask his father a question he received a blow to the back of the head and went flying into the empty scape of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. As he stood up he realized the gravity was much stronger here. He turned and looked at his dad.

“Are you joking? We just got here! I need time to adjust.” Kaman shook his head.

“Your enemies aren’t going to let you adjust to there world! They are going to come at you the second you land. The second you are teleported to them. How ever you get near them, they will try anything to crush every bone in your pathetic little body. Get up and move!” Kaman took off and made a direct attack for Ryder. Ryder jumped into the air to avoid the oncoming assault. He knew he was stronger than Kaman, but Kaman was a Master Fighter. Kaman knew his way around a fight, and it was almost impossible to lay a hand on him. With the gravity pulling on him the way it was, Ryder knew he would have to use his head in this fight until the gravity equaled out. Ryder started to fly away from Kaman as fast as he could. He turned his head back to watch what his father was doing, only his father wasn’t where he was a moment ago. Startled he stopped in mid-flight

“Where did you go!? Ryder looked around in every direction.

“Here.” Ryder turned and threw a kick into his father’s head, but went right threw an image of where he once was. Kaman threw a punch into Ryder’s back throwing him towards the ground. Ryder stopped himself before he made contact with the ground and immediately turned towards his father.

“KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A giant blast of energy came flying from Ryder’s hands. His father gave a small smirk from the corner of his mouth. The burst of energy made contact with Kaman throwing him high into the air. As he was falling to the ground Ryder took off with a burst of speed and caught him before he hit the ground and flew straight into the air with him. Ryder then pulled his leg back ready for the power attack into his father’s gut when his father raised his hand sending a Ki Blast into Ryder’s face. Ryder was blinded by the pain coming from his face, but mustered up enough energy to throw the knee he had prepared.

“Keep the attacks coming! Don’t let the pain get to you, it is temporary!” Both Saiyans landed facing each other. Ryder stood for a brief moment before falling to his knee. “Get up boy.” Kaman started walking toward Ryder. When he got right over top of him he repeated himself. “I said get up.” Suddenly Kaman realized what just happened.

“KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Kaman was hit with a Kamehameha blast point blank in the chest throwing him five hundred feet into the air. He fell to the ground and made a large crater in the ground. “I am done for now. I need to eat.” Kaman got to his feet and rubbed the blood off his mouth.

“Good idea. Lets go home, we will discuss the fight at home.” Both Saiyans walked out of the chamber.

“It’s almost time for me to leave.” Ryder thought to himself as he flew off with his father heading home.

Word Count:620

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PostSubject: Re: The breakthrough.    Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:46 pm

PL: 620 *3 = 1860
skill point = 18




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The breakthrough.
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