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 Dealing with a mild threat

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PostSubject: Dealing with a mild threat   Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:32 am

Lana had gotten a ride to warehouse where she was told a large number of people were selling weapons. Since that was a problem in her mind she decided to deal with it. She was not going to kill them, but she was going to make them regret the problems that they were causing. She focused her energy for a few seconds and kicked down the iron gates. She could hear the shouting, as they all pulled out their weapons and opened fire onto Lana. Lana watched the bullets have no real effect on her. She waited, as they reload and fire once again. This time Lana caught most of them and dropped them onto the ground. "you have five minutes to clear out" she replied rather sternly. They seemed to not get the message, as they all rushed her at once. "idiots" she thought with a sigh, as the battle began.

Most of the men were weak enough to deal with by sending them away with a kick or punch. "I should start tossing them out of the building" she replied, as she had not noticed on hit her with a metal bat. Her head turned from the impact, but there was no physical damage. "I am going to kick your rear" she replied, as she sent him through a wall with a hard punch. She looked at the remaining conscious thugs and waited for them to make a move. Once they charged at her with the exception of one that ran into a back room. She figured that man was the ring leader. She went after him while taking care of anyone that got int her way. Once she got into the back room a missile was sent towards her. She caught it and threw it upwards to avoid it killing anyone. Part of the ceiling collapsed though. She had blown up the debris with a simple energy wave. "that is why you ran I see now" she replied, as she could see the massive robot.

"yes and your going to die here" he replied, as he revealed the bomb. "five minutes and this entire facility goes up in smoke" he replied with a laugh, as the boss left leaving the bomb there.

"oh why me" she thought, as she covered her face with irritation. She was going to have act face and get everyone out of the base. She moved quickly moving the unconscious gunman and thugs a far enough distance away from the building. Lana was about halfway done though until she realized there was not enough time. Lana moved quickly out of the building with only a few seconds to spare. "they won't get away with this" she shouted, as she got back to her feet. She contacted the police and left hoping she would be able to catch up with the robot. She would eventually break into a run. At this point she was far more determined then ever now. She was not going to let people make problems for the earth and get away with it especially after throwing away so many lives in the process.
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PostSubject: Re: Dealing with a mild threat   Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:52 am

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Dealing with a mild threat
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