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 Dragonball Rules

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PostSubject: Dragonball Rules   Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:14 pm

The dragonballs are a way to promote those who are active in the game, say you and two others find the Earth Dragonballs you can split the wishes improving your team.

Every 100 posts you may search for a dragonball.
You must be on Namek or Earth to search for the respective Dragonballs, you may search for the black dragonballs at anytime.
A character can battle/kill another for a Dragon Ball.
You can sell a dragon ball to another member
You have to roll a 1, 3 or 5 for earth dragon ball
You have to roll a 2 or 4 for a Namekian dragon ball
You must roll a 6 for a Black star dragon ball.

Players may get together and split wishes to us the dragonballz, also players may wish for others to get benifits if they so wish to.

Earth DB : 50,000z

Namek DB:70,000z

Blackstar 1,000,000z

3 Wishes:(may not use wishes to get double things like wish for SSJ and SSJ2 at the same time)


Next transformation

Learn one technique you want

10,000 PL

Any Item you want in the store

Power of earth: A almost super power which can only be used on earth, you can speak to animals, control the growth of planets, and move the ground to create earth quakes. When on earth basically adds 5,000 to your PL, this power can be given off to someone else for any price you want under 100,000z

Namek Wishes (2):


Learn Next Transformaiton

30,000 PL

Any two items you want from the store

(This will count as two wishes.)Porunga sword: A sword, sliver with designs all along it of the namekian Dragon Porunga, he gave half of his power to this sword which connects to you once you grab it. Adds 10,000 to your PL permanently. Can't be traded or sold, it comes with you if you die.

Blackstar wishes (one):

100,000 Zenni

10 items from any store

Learn all of the transformations

Learn 1 S-rank, 2 A-Rank, 3 B-Rank, 4 C-Rank techniques

50,000 PL

Red Shenron: If you ask for this wish, you get all of Shenron's power he goes inside your body and stays, your aura turns a red and is more violent, and is very powerful, your aura may get to your enemy before you get there and he follows your every move, it looks like there is a dragon on your fist every time you punch. This is a x 32 PL transformation.

Use of the Black dragon balls will kill your character unless you complete a quest retreiving the dragonballs from the universe the post will be no less then 7,000(1,000 for each Dragonball)

All posts to seach for the dragonballs will be placed in the dragonball search area.




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Dragonball Rules
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