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 Ki Training

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PostSubject: Ki Training   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:24 pm

Altair went back to the King Kais planet to continue his training on the Kamehameha wave. As he learned before the Kamehameha wave could be manipulated into many forms and today he wanted to try for another form to make himself stronger.

Altair began warming up launching a few low level waves and building up to an actual Kamehameha wave. it seems everytime Altair trains his attack he becomes stronger in it and it becomes easier to use while still sustaining its power. "this is good it will be easier to win battles now, but i have to push even farther then this!" Altair thought to himself.

Altair began his progression with powering up his angry Kamehameha but instead of firing it tried to make it stronger by pumping his own power into it, instead of anger. Altair needed to find a way to tap into unimaginable power without having to be angry.

Altair continued to power up. making his attack larger by the second. then all of a sudden Altair heard a voice.....

"do not be alarmed, i am speaking to you to help you in your endeavors. you have an untapped power that can give you the power you desire but you must unlock that power, and i can tell you how, i require no payment or thanks only a promise from you. do you agree?" The, almost familiar, voice said.

"what is the promise i have to make?" Altair asked.

"you must go to the planet Renza and free it from a tyrannical demon much like the famed Majin Buu but this one is nowhere near as strong but still has the power to control the planet, as you should know since you have already fought him, but he has returned, the planet you grew up on is once again under attack, but you must gain the power of a stronger kamehameha to do this, and return to the world of the living."

"I Agree, now please lets get started." Altair states.

"you must start by searching your mind and find a lost power, most explain it as the pain of loss. what is it that you want most but have lost and forces you to fight harder to achieve."

Altair searched his mind to see a shadowed figure with arms wide open calling Altairs name. and also saying "its time to come home."

All of a sudden Altair's power skyrocketed, this power was like nothing Altair has ever felt before.

"NOW KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAA!!!!!" the attack was huge almost SUPER "this power is amazing!! I bet i can make it go farther." Altair began using this new found power to push even farther but was suprised to find that the Kamehameha began to envelope his body but it felt stronger soon the wave was as big as Altair the beam seemed to be flowing from Altair's entire body and not just his hands anymore. This was a surprise to Altair as it quickly dispersed, maybe there was a way to create a wave beyond the limits of just his hands.

Altair released the attack but soon fell to the ground, almost powerless, barely able to move. "it seems i have some work to do with that move, hehe. thank you whoever you are."

"you will find out who I am soon enough, i can promise you that, but remember the promise you made to me. after you rest and return to the world of the living go to the planet Renza, and save the planet from that demon, he must be stopped." the voice from before said as it faded away.

Word Count: 603




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PostSubject: Re: Ki Training   Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:14 pm

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Ki Training
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