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 Altair's Special Training

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PostSubject: Altair's Special Training   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:19 pm

Altair was went to another part of Otherworld to test some of his new strength. Once he arrived out of the shadows, a warrior strides. Seemingly small of build at first glance, the torch light reveals to all around the arena taunt muscles and a tight, compact frame. His skin ripples with every step he takes, dark eyes glare out from beneath his hooded head. Boldly he strides in the center of the Pit. A low, almost feral growl emits from his throat in anticipation of what is to come. Young yet cautious, he resolves not to let his emotions overcome him this time. Not when he is so close. A masked man appears from the far side of the Pit. The Phoenix. A name given to his foe for his ability to seemingly arise from the dead.

“I have been waiting for you.”, growls Altair.

Smiling with thought of what is to come, Altair goes into a defensive crouch. Slowly, the two combatants circle, one trying to finish a fight that started long ago, one trying to find his memories and escape the past that haunts him…

Out of nowhere, a fist appears, swinging at Altair’s head. He ducks and counters with a blow to the stomach. The punch does little damage, but it reminds the Phoenix that he faces no novice. Edgily, the circle slows to a stop, then reverses, both men watching each others feet for any sign of a trap or feint.

Punches are exchanges, kicks are traded, energy is released as the battle for the truth rages on.

Tension builds as the fight progresses, the momentum flowing from one fighter to the other in an endless stream of energy and movement. At first the crowd gathered was loud and anticipant, but now they are subdued and silent, watching two of the galaxies greatest fighters in one of the greatest battles ever known to mankind.

Suddenly a collective gasp raises from the lips of the onlookers. Altair has gone down under a devastating blow from the Phoenix. He manages to gather his energy to form a weak shield from the attacks raining down upon him and he struggles to his knees. Suddenly, without warning, Altair lets out a piercing cry, slowly his aura changes steadily from dark orange to a burning crimson. Onlookers gasp as the clouds in the heavens roll away revealing the piercing light from the moon. Altair freezes in midstep, his voice issues a low guttural growl.

The Phoenix steps back in horror as Altair begins to transform in front of him into a beast, a monster, a Great Ape! Howling at the sky in defiance, Altair in Ape form barrels at his opponent, oblivious to any and all attacks directed his way. Bringing his tremendous strength to bear, Altair crashes into the Phoenix, exploding into a frenzy of melee attacks and writhing in glorious joy over the mayhem and panic he causes.

Suddenly, without warning, Altair pauses and thingys his head to the side, apparently listening to a voice only heard by himself. The Phoenix thinks to attack but before he can move, the Ape glares at him, curling his upper lip, sending the Phoenix into a terrifying panic. A beam of energy emits from Altair’s mouth, directed the bright white moon. A cacophony of noise rattle the ears of everyone present and a blinding blast of light sears their eyes as the far away moon explodes into dust. Then all present direct their attention back to Altair as a scream tears from his throat. Quickly and painfully he turns back into man form.

The Phoenix stares in disbelief as a seemingly unharmed Altair stands before him like a mighty God.
Slowly, a large ball of energy gathers in Altair’s hands, and then explodes towards his opponent. The crowd explodes into noise. The Father-Son Kamehameha is a sight that is rarely seen. The Phoenix crumples to the ground as the second wave of the attack rolls over him like the sea at high tide in a furious hurricane.

Altair finishes his power move, sweat dripping of his brow from the exertion. He stares at the shredded being in front of him. Then to his amazement, the Phoenix slowly rises to his feet. Obviously damaged by the attack, he struggles to find his balance. Altair knows now is the time to finish him, the final, fatal blow.

Altair gathers his energy from deep within, guided by the whisper, the faint voice from his past.

“Finish him.”

Exploding with a warriors cry, Altair sprints recklessly at his opponent, ignoring the attacks sent his way, shrugging off blows that would fall a normal fighter. An unstoppable juggernaut in his rage, Altair hurls into the Phoenix, raining blow after blow. Steadily, building up a furious pace, his fists fall down, again and again. The crowd is silent once again, mesmerized by the lethal force being displayed.

His fists covered with blood, Altair slowly rise from the ground. A unrecognizable pulp lays in front of him, the remains of his past, the remains of his nemesis. He slowly turns his back and begins to leave the arena. The only sound is the soft padding of his leather soled shoes trodding on the hard ground. A small child begins to cry, quickly followed by a mothers subdued hush.. The wind whistles through the trees. Altair disappears into the night, the voice that has followed him silent finally, his haunting past finally settled, his father’s voice finally silent.

(gotta admit i had a little bit of help on this one from a friend, he edit it a bit for me)

Word Count:923




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PostSubject: Re: Altair's Special Training   Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:11 pm

923 powelevel gained
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Altair's Special Training
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