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 Another day at home.

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PostSubject: Another day at home.   Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:54 pm

Fightning off Gang

Buaroza sat in his dining room eating his breakfast, he was trying to eat as fast as possible so he'd get to training quicker. He began his all protein diet when he heard a loud thud from the front of his house "What the hell." Buaroza Glared, he put his food down and stood up to see what was hapenning. He put his head around the corner of Dining room door, which looked into the entrance. A huge gang of thugs were invading his house, like as if someone planned to have a party here. "HEY! This my house" Buaroza shouted to them, he was able to see over 20 of them but then 4 of them looked slightly different than the others. Buaroza slowly powered up, getting ready for battle. He saw them carrying tools, ready to attack. The thugs appearded like the didn't see buaroza, the house had echoed his voice it was un-traaceable. The thought the were hearing things, These also held broken beer glasses. "That makes sense the googles, their thugs and the drinks. They just got messed up out their heads. Maybe this won't be so bad"

Buaroza, Fully opened the door showing himself. The thugs this time instantly spooted him, the broke a few objects in his home. "That was a birthday present!" Buaroza shouted once again. He directly gave the thug a right hook in his cheeks making the thug headbutt in companion. Buaroza heard a shout from behind " Look what we have here boys. " The thugs had found Buaroza's Game console. "Hell no you're not breaking or taking that" Buaroza Kneed the thug in his groin. The others began to surround him they weren't very talkative. Buaroza put his fists up, eventhough he used kicks more then punches. Kick-Punch-Knee, the contious combo Buaroza used in his battle. Battle music plays from Buaroza Radio. He jumped over his sofa kicking a thug in his face, his googles broke. Buaroza began to go into a defensive crouching stance countering almost every attack that was throw at him. He was a streak, he was pumped today."I feel the strength growing with me, soon everyone will speak of my name!" Buaroza began to day-dream of the moment he began famous.
He was walking up the arena, he heard the crowd roar his name " BUAROZA BUAORZA BUAROZA" The crowd roared from left to right. During the moment he dropped his guard the thugs were able to get a direct hit on him. He touched his face and rubed his cheeks. "DON'T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN" Buaroza's anger began to grow. He used his horizontal kick, he took out more than one with his intresting footwork.

He used his favourite combo on the thugs untill the were only 4 left over.
The allign behind each other and in-front of each other in a straight line. "Gaaaa-Lick Gun!" The purple beam released from Buaroza hands He had defeated his foes for know. "Geeez, I can know finish my food." Buaroza slammed his broken door.
Buaroza reached for his food "Why does it have to be cold " He cried.

526 words
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PostSubject: Re: Another day at home.   Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:24 pm

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Another day at home.
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