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 Darthwin Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Darthwin Miyamoto   Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:15 pm

Name: Darthwin Miyamoto

Race: Saiyan

Home Planet: New Vegeta

Sex: Male

Age: 13

Aura color: dark blue


Personality: Darthwin is a normally calm person until he goes into battle. This is when he becomes more relentless though. He knows that the strong are the ones that have control and without power he will eventually be killed. This is what drives him to become a great fighter.

Techniques: Dragon fury - A large blast of energy from one hand or two hands.

Delta Strike - A massive amount of ki blasts that are sent towards the enemy.

Giga ball -Darthwin forms a ball of ki that expands into the shape of a basketball. When thrown Darthwin can control the movements of the ball by using the hand he threw it with. This makes the movements of the attack not easy to predict. The ball explodes one it makes contact with something.

Bio: Darthwin was born on the planet new vegeta and was part of a plan that his father hatched to overthrow the rulers of the planet. Though Darthwin was not even aware of this plot though. He had been trained to fight from an early age and had created his own powerful techniques for when he battles.

Alignment: Neutral

Zeni: 5,000

Power Level: 100

RP Sample: Darthwin already found a easy way to carry the balls, as he had a large container and placed it inside a capsule. With the capsule in his pocket he had less to worry about now. He looked around for a moment until he found a nearby lake. He dived head fist inside the water and maneuvered his way through the water until he had reached a underwater cave. He got out of the water and coughed up some water and looked around for a moment. He had thought to check there for the six star ball because he had a feeling he would find one there.

He scanned the area for a moment and walked further into the cave until he had found a group of thugs that were using the area as a hide out. Darthwin looked at them, as they aimed their automatic weapons at him. Darthwin smirked and waited, as he caught each and every bullet and dropped them to the ground. This caused them to panic and retreat, as Darthwin used a large number of ki blasts to kill the first twenty armed gunman. Darthwin jumped towards them and began to fire a barrage of ki blasts. "this needs a name how about delta strike" he thought, as he continued to fire them. He made a path of death and destruction through the entire base and looked around to see where the dragon ball was if they had one that is. A missile was sent towards him and he caught it with his bare hands, as it pushed him backwards a bit. He jumped into the air and tossed it towards a wall to cause a large explosion. He noticed a large robot coming towards him and got himself ready.

He was sent into a wall by the punch and laughed a bit. "is that all give me a break" he replied, as he kicked it in the head. He blinked, as the kick did not do much. "hmm well this will be fun" he thought, as he flipped over it's head and waited for a moment and made a large ki ball. "this is my new technique Galactic Smasher" he replied, as he went into his Power Unleashed state and threw it towards the robot. The blast blew it's head clean off. "now for the next part" he thought, a he blew a hole into the wall and smirked. "hello anyone here?" he asked with a dark laugh. The gunman fell to the floor and pulled out their guns. Darthwin caught the bullets and threw them back at them and smiled, as he watched them fall to the ground. "easy, as pie" he thought, as he looked around for a moment. He was already ready to fight and he wanted a good one.

A android created by his competition for the dragon balls appeared to challenge him. "alright kid time to fry" he yelled, as he threw Darthwin into a wall and began to throw a flurry of punches into his stomach and making a large crater in the wall. Darthwin fell onto the ground and laughed, as he was kicked into another wall. "you want to live give us your balls" he replied. Darthwin had a disturbed look on his face. "wow that sounds wrong" he replied, as he sent a punch into the android and continues with a dramatic combination. They made a clash for a moment and watched for a moment, as a crater began to form under them, as the fight continues. He was fighting at his best with out having to go super saiyan.
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PostSubject: Re: Darthwin Miyamoto   Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:27 pm


Welcome to the Site!

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Darthwin Miyamoto
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