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 Aura Stage Training

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PostSubject: Aura Stage Training   Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:49 pm

It had been a while since Frankie had odne anything through out this giant world, new vegeta and the human world. He hadn't trained for months and was feeling extremly rusty so he decided to train for a while since he hasn't done so for so long. slowly walking in to the training grounds was a pretty tall man, with the height of six feet with two inches. The tall man had long black hair that was like silk that reached his chest, some of it covering his eyes since it was the shorter part and it also covered his normal sized ears. He had light pink ish purple eyes, they were such a beauty to look right in to, they were so nice and deep with so much depth they looked liek two pools of purple ponds that were bioluminecent. He had a very nice shade of skin, a very light caramel or cream colored skin pigmentation which is very normal for some oen that spends the time he spends out side which isn't much but when he goes out side he tends to take a while. He wore a black and grey human jacket. It was mostly black with a grey stripe that went along all of the side or lining of the jacket. The jacket had something like a hanging buckel which is usually found in old shoes or old belts that was held on to a long piece of black thread with grey stripes on both sides or linings. It also had a very large grey badge on the left side of his chest, something like a four sided star. This jacket was also found to be open to show the middle of his body. He slowly walked farther in to the training grounds with the wind blowing his hair back, he smirked as thhere was no one around so he could do as much training as he wished since he would have no interuptions or distractions. He slowly began to draw up power and make his aura appear, with every single passing second which felt like a minte or more for him he drew more and more power. in a matter of minutes there was something like a aura field around Frankie witch some what flickered like a flame and swayed from side to side like grass blowing. The formed aura was much like a bioluminecent or neon purple ish pink color. He smirked as he spoke " This is not like me but..... It's tim to show my real power! it's ttime to give out and show how much i really got!!! " He clinched his fists and drew his elbows in to his body which kind of stabbed in to his chest but he also bent over slightly as he drew in even more power. yelling and growling out with pain but not of the bad kind but instead of the power he was throwing out. He continued to yell out " Graaaaaa! " as hard as he could as he drew out even more power and made his aura grow. His jacket fell off with teh releasing power, now he knew he was getting there. Clinching his fist even harder and yelling hard as his attempts got even stronger with more will, his weight some what grew and made his legs dig in to the ground slightly as he drew out more power. His released aura suddenly changed in to a beautiful and natural like neon green color. He knew he had completed this training and he used a lot of stamina on it so he relinquished the released aura and put his jacket on. Fixing up his hair and wiping off the sweat he had released, he walked out of the training field and back to his home.
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Stage Training   Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:22 pm

1,200 pl gain Smile





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Aura Stage Training
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