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 Altair Training Session

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PostSubject: Altair Training Session   Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:31 am

"I must get stronger!", he mutters. "Now lets see, there must be an instruction manual here somewhere?"

Altair looks around and spys a thick book, covered in dust. He grins and blows the years of buildup off the cover, opens it, and begins to read.

"Lets see here...CH 1 Entering, well I'm already in, CH 2 Power. Uh...flip red switch."

Altair looks around and sees the red switch on the wall. And promptly flips it.

"Accelerated Training Module Now Activated", says a falsetto voice. "To use a preset program press one on the keypad next to the switch. To configure user, press two, to create new program press three, to exit press four."

Altair presses the number 2 button. The chamber grows dim and lasers beam appear from the walls and circle around him.

"Calibrating Subject, please state your name and pertinent information."

Altair quickly rattles off his name, race, height, weight and a dozen other important details as the laser revolve faster around his body.

"Subject Altair, Now calibrated."

The lasers grind to a halt and the voice continues. Please remove all loose items from your person and place them in the secure area to your right. Thank you. Now, please select a preset program or customize your own."

Deciding to start out slow, Altair selects the first preset program.

"Training sequence 117 selected. One year."

Instantly, time warps and Altair feels his body being torn through the vastness of time.

Minutes later Altair arrives at an unknown planet, an artificial universe, created for his training purposes. A replica of his home world, this extension of space feels right. Altair permits himself a smile and is immediately hit with a blast of energy, driving him to his knees.

"Your first lesson is to pay attention!", a mysterious voice cries out.

Altair quickly climbs to his feet, spinning angrily to see his opponent. Suddenly he drops back to his knees as he is struck again by the unknown assailant.

"Your second is humility

Altair cries out in pain and he is assaulted over and over. His entire body seizes and withers on the ground. Energy beams and ball explode all around and over him. Relentless, his foe pours over him like a flooding river over its banks.

Then instantly, the pain is stopped. The dust settles. Peace rolls over Altair like a comforting blanket, a wave of tranquility.

"I see we have some work to do. First, Altair I want you to know who I am. I am the artificial reincarnation of the First Saiyan king, Vegeta."

Altair's mouth drops to the ground. King Vegeta was the Greatest ruler of planet Vegeta that ever lived. Renown throughout the galaxy as a Master Fighter, King Vegeta retired centuries ago to train upcoming Saiyans at Heaven's Well on the Training planet of Altied.

"My lord...", exclaimed Altair, humbly groveling at his Lord's feet.

"Rise up, my son, for it is time for me to pass on my knowledge in the ways of the ancients. How my father passed it to me and how i will pass it to you. Battle!"

Altair grinned and stood tall and proud. One fist over his heart in the Saiyan please of fealty, he cried "To battle!"

After the traditional hand clasp, the two warriors stepped apart, crouched in a defensive stance. Then fast as lightning King Vegeta fired Ki bolts at Altair, striking him in the shoulder and side as Altair spun away from the attack. In retaliation, Altair launched a powerful Kamehameha Wave. As the sky roared and the earth shook, King Vegeta accepted the hit and countered with a Galick Gun of his own.

Being more powerful than Altair, King Vegeta's attack dealt an exponentially more powerful blow than Altairs, blasting him from his feet and sending him sailing away across the ground. Bouncing for several feet, Altair finally slid to a halt.

"Now, to begin the real training. Altair, I, King Vegeta, have chosen you personally train. In doing so you will become much stronger and powerful mentally as well as physically. I charge with this out the ruins of our homeworld. Locate the Four Corners and Heavens Well. There you will find my sarcophagus and in it my sleeping body. Yes, sleeping. I am not dead. Awaken me and trainwith me and you will become the best that has ever lived!"

Altair smiles. "I accept your quest but first, let us fight. I could use the training."

"Very well."

For what seemed like an eternity, Altair and King Vegeta trained and spared and fought. Altair grew stronger and more powerful, but more importantly he grew wiser.

At the end of one year, Altair faced his final test. King Vegeta stood in front of him, transformed into the mighty Super Saiyan, one of the first saiyans to ever obtained such perfection.

"Fight me now, Altair. Let us see if this year has been a waste."

Altair opened the fight with a mighty Kamehameha, a blazing ball of energy that drove King Vegeta to his knees. Immobilized form the throw though, Altair was unprepared as King Vegeta retaliated with his almighty Big Bang Attack. Bowled over from the force, Altair franticly threw everything he had into blocking the attack as best he could, staving of most of the attack.

"Good, you have learned to defend yourself.", King Vegeta exclaimed. "Now, let me truly test your skills."

Rapidly, King Vegeta sent a barrage of attacks towards Altair. Somehow, through all his training, Altair managed to withstand the mighty assault. Not unharmed but uninjured, Altair stood on his feet as the dust settled around him in the aftermath.

"Excellent. You have truly mastered your mind and body, as a Master would. It is time for me to teach you the secrets of your first upcoming transformation. But that is for another time. Remember your quest, search out our ruins and find the real me. I will be waiting." With that final cryptic remark, King Vegeta's shade slowly evaporated along with the perceived reality that was this artificial Planet Vegeta. Altair was at first confused by the sudden disappearance of everything, but quickly realized what was happening as the chamber began to form around him.

"Training Sequence complete. Please remove your self and your possessions form the chamber."

Altair walked out into the fresh clean, real air, took a deep breath and gazed towards the heavens, knowing that his search for power was not over, only just beginning. With a bound he tore off into the sky, headed home for his next bought with any that wish to fight him.

Word Count: 1103




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PostSubject: Re: Altair Training Session   Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:17 pm

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Altair Training Session
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