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PostSubject: Saiyans....   Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:31 pm

Starting Powerlevel: 900

Bio:Saiyans is the race that Goku and Vegeta belonged too, they are born on New Vegeta and start there, Saiyans are Galactic Conquers who usually are evil. They start out with Saiyan Armor and a Scouter to start out with, if starting on New Vegeta. No Items if starting on any other planet.

Oorazu:Gained at the beginning long as you have a tail, 5x PL you grow Giant into a giant ape, your hair is brown/black your eyes are red and your speed is fast....for your size. Need the moon or Fake Moon Tech.

False Super Sayain: Gained at 45,000 PL it's a 8x PL, the aura changes yellow but the hair does not spike up nor turns gold. Must have a good reason to transform in battle, this is an unstable ability and can not be consciously used by character. 600 Words needed to achieve.

Super Saiyan: Gained at 55,000, 10x PL, the hair spikes up and changes Golden blond, the eyes turn green and the aura turns gold. 800 Words needed to achieve.

False Ascension- 14x pl, need 80,000 to gain. This is a stage that is caught between super saiyan and super saiyan 2. Your muscles grow huge and you are very powerful, but it slows you down quite a bit. Your hair points straight up in crazy spikes, and is golden. Lightning flies around you, veins are popping out, and your pupils are gone. It is hard to sustain this for long. 900 Words needed to achieve.

Super Saiyan 2: 18x PL 110,000 PL, The Hair spikes up more than it did before, Electricity goes around your aura and your pupils are back just green, your muscles are not bulked up like Ultra Saiyan and you are more faster and stronger. 1100 Words needed to achieve.

Super Saiyan 3: 24x Pl, 180,000 PL to gain, the hair goes down longer to your back your eye brows disapear so you look more like a Ape than human. 1500 Words needed to achieve.

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